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    Citrix Offline Plugin with Pharos causing print spooler to crash

    Timothy Yager Newbie



      We install Citrix's Offline Plugin in our lab images (not VDI), but have since had to remove it as it was causing the print spooler to crash on certain labs with Pharos Uniprint installed. Windows logs only say that an unknown application is causing the print spooler to crash. Uninstalling the Offline plugin resolves the issue, but then we can't run it. The offline plugin does not crash the print spooler in labs where Pharos is not installed, and it doesn't crash the print spooler in every lab, just some.


      I am not really sure of a good way to troubleshoot this as there appears to be a conflict between the two pieces of software we are using and both are required. We have tried uninstalls/reinstalls with minimal success. We are using Uniprint 8.1 which I can't upgrade until after the semester ends. Has anyone else experienced this before in their labs and found a resolution?


      Thanks. -Tim

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          Michael Wineke Wayfarer

          My slightly educated guess would be a conflict between the Popup and/or Notify client ports and the Citrix plugin ports?


          The seemingly simplest solution would be to change the default port for either the Pharos client/s or the Citrix plugin.


          Hopefully you have a development environment where you can test either solution before making a global change to either...

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              Richard Post Guide

              I agree with Michael Wineke.  We have seen this kind of issue before when two applications try to take control of the same resource.  That resource is usually a networking port.  The first app grabs the port and typically works and the second application or service fails to start and throws an error on startup or attempted use of the port.  The Pharos Uniprint client ports are


              LPR (TCP/515)

              Notify (TCP/28201)

              Popups (TCP/28203)


              In the Uniprint documentation area (here), we have a diagram showing just about all the Uniprint ports and the directions of communications.


              According to the Citrix documentation (I found online), the Offline Plugin only uses


              HTTP (TCP/80)

              HTTPS (TCP/443)

              SMB (TCP/445)


              None of these seem to be in conflict.  I'd look in the Windows event viewer and any log files you can find to see what specific error messages are being thrown and what is happening when this issue occurs.  Also, try different methods of installation order and if it happens when printing, try different ways of printing (with and w/o Pharos client getting involved).  If you are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please enter a Pharos Support ticket to at least get another look.