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    The popup for notify slow on the mac

    David Marcinkowski Scout



      We are considering implementing notify in our environment .... I started a beta test, and find that the actual popup window takes a good 15 seconds to appear.  On the windows side, it appears immediately, but on the Mac there is a lag time.


      Since over 2/3 of our users are on the Mac, Im concerned that many will submit their jobs and run to the release station and find their job has not arrived.  Students tend to be impatient in an art school and I want to try to solve this lag issue before deploying throughout our labs.


      Any insight on speeding up the popup response time for Notify?



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          Jason Pelletier Tracker

          Most of our public machines are Macs and we haven't seen that much of a delay with Popup. We have with Notify but were able to script the response with Notify so that if it didn't show up then the response to the Pharos server was a positive meaning that the student approved the print job and would send it to a release station. I would start by verifying that the OS X firewall is functioning correctly and test it off if you haven't already. You could then try to monitor the traffic with something like Wireshark to see if there are any glaring issues.

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            I have found that file size seems to play a role in the speed of the popup on both the windows and mac side of things.  You may want to check the printer settings to see if the jobs are being processed on that local machine or if they are going to print for that process.