Queued Alternatives - Set Specific Timeframe

Idea created by Gary Conway on Jul 26, 2018
    Under Consideration
    • Gary Conway

    We used Queued Alternatives at some of our branches here at the Brooklyn Public Library.  For example, when one Computer Type (Adult PCs) is all reserved, then we set them to automatically go over to the next type of computers (Child PCs).  However, we often get a request to set this to a specific time frame, for example, just for the morning or just until 2:00 pm.  However, as of right now this is a turn on or turn off feature right now in Uniprint.  So, we are very interested in having this feature be turned on for a specific timeframe so that it turns on at 'x' time and turns off at 'x' time each day.  Does anyone else have such a need or think this would be a good future enhancement?  Gary Conway