• Future of Mac Popup Packages

    I just recently rebuilt our Mac Popup packages using the 9.0.10 client and noted some things that I have questions about and would like a little additional information.   It seems it is getting progressively mor...
    George Esler
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  • Preferred Postscript drivers

    What Postscript driver do you prefer to use on your Uniprint system? (and why) What Postscript drivers would you recommend?  (at least 2 if you have more than one, preferrably 4 if you can)   I asked th...
    Paul LaFollette
    created by Paul LaFollette
  • Announcing support for MacOS X 10.15 Catalina

    All, we are happy to announce support for the current versions of our Uniprint clients, Popup (9.0.10) and Signup (9.0.9) on the newest MacOS X 10.15, Catalina.  These clients have also been notarized per the new...
    Jeff Herald
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  • PCI Compliance Information

    Pharos Systems International understands that organizations that store, process, or transmit cardholder data must meet strict requirements to be PCI compliant. PCI compliance specifically relates to the security and c...
    Jeff Herald
    created by Jeff Herald
  • Mobile Integration: Scan QR code to access print job status, release print job

    I would be nice it patrons could release or cancel print jobs by scanning a qr code that shows up on screen after printing a print job.  Process:   1. Patron prints and fills in all job details 2. Patron s...
    Lee Stoltz
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  • Pharos uninstall script

    I created these scripts for SCCM in my enterprise, to enable automatic removal of Pharos printers and the Pharos Popup client from client PCs, without removing Pharos Remote if it is installed.   YMMV - feedback...
    Scott Kiser
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  • Feature Request - More Mobile Friendly Nerve Center

    I was using the nerve center on my phone today.  It is a little small, but usable.  The main problem I have is that if I get disconnected from wifi, then I get a "not found" error message on /signup/SetVaria...
    Lee Stoltz
    created by Lee Stoltz
  • Feature Request - Notes When Disabling a Station

    When disabling a Signup station, it would be nice to have options to:   1. Allow free form notes when disabling a station. 2. Force adding that a station was disabled from xyz host at xyz time.
    Lee Stoltz
    created by Lee Stoltz
  • Is anyone doing automated installs via Active directory?

    If do are you guys doing it by Role, Location, Department...etc.  We have faculty and staff here that are part of departments but in different buildings.  Anyone have a solution?         ...
    Mike Dorris
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  • IIS Redirect for Print Center

    I have been asked by almost every customer that installs Print Center in their environment something about how to more easily direct traffic to the Print Center from the default website without breaking the other web ...
    Richard Post
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  • SQL Server 2016 with Uniprint 9.0 R2

    What to know about SQL Server 2016 when planning to use it for Uniprint 9.0 R2   The Pharos Suite Operating System Support and Compatibility Chart shows that Uniprint 9.0 R2 is supported but notes possible condi...
    Jeff Herald
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  • How To - Linux to Windows Queue with Username

    Bill Kasper, Our Web people managed to find in their archives a copy of the instructions I had created on How To Connect Linux To Windows Print Queue.  I had delayed posting this with the hopes I'd get the time t...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Experience using the Customer Service Kiosk for guest printing?...Other suggestions for guest printing?

    We are using Uniprint 9.0 R2 update2, MobilePrint 2.1 and Pharos Print Center 3.2. Blackboard Transaction System is the external billing service. Student and staff have print cards and accounts are authenticated via L...
    jill painter
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  • Support for 3D printers?

    We're currently working on specs for a new fabrication lab, and the question of costing for 3D printers came up.  We're planning to have at least one 3D printer available for student use, but Uniprint does not cu...
    David Jewett
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  • Mac OSX 10.11 Popup and HP Drivers

    Hi All,   If you install the latest popup client (9.0.6) on a workstation running Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), are using HP drivers and you see either a black or yellow triangle next to the printer name when you...
  • Virtual Machine Setup Recommendations

    We often get requests for how to setup virtual machines for utilizing our on-premise Pharos software suites...   These are my personal recommendations for a typical setup.  As every environment is different...
    Richard Post
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  • To free print, or not to free print...

    We often get asked about what schools and universities are charging and how much free print allotment is being given.   If you are willing to share, could you please reply to this with the following...   O...
    Richard Post
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  • Charging for Scans ?

    Recently, I have been asked by several customers if there are other customers out there that are charging for their scanning on the Pharos iMFP (embedded software in the copier/multi-function devices).   The...
    Richard Post
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  • Pharos Uniprint Scripting Tools

    I use Notepad++ to write Pharos scripts and I've recently updated my syntax highlighting and Autocomplete files for Uniprint v9.0. Thought I'd post them here in case they are useful to anyone else. Nic   Notepa...
    Nic Meadows
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  • Pharos Discover 2016

    Once again, I have to say this was an outstanding conference.  Congratulations for leading the industry in another category .   The Pharos team (Susy, Lindsay, Stephanie) did a wonderful job putting it on a...
    Bill Kasper
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