• Upgrade OS from Server 2008 to 2016 - issues

    Our Uniprint system has two servers that are running Windows Server 2008 R2, and two servers that are running Windows Server 2012 R2.  I'd like to bring them up to Windows Server 2016 (with minimal downtime, of c...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • a new 29062 error (new to me )

    Error releasing print job: Failed to render Job Id '00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000193365' as the render server does not have an available print queue that uses the ''' driver with Greyscaling 'Converted by Printer (Re...
    Kurt Albrecht
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  • Support for macOS 10.15

    With the new macOS already on Beta, when can we expect Pharos Popup support for 10.15? We attempted to install our current driver, but it gives an 'incompatible' error.
    Vinicio Guevara
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  • Error Codes

    Is there an updated error listing?  I am getting error codes that the 2013 document does not list.  Error code 29062 and 29090.
    Robert Richards
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  • How to hide/remove printers in MyPrintCenter

    Is there a method to hide specific printers in MyPrintCenter, while still allowing those printers to be used in their specific environments?  We have some printers that are available for free use but they should ...
    Mark Cruse
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  • Printers using Fiery systems

    Has anyone used Uniprint (and MobilePrint) with printers that have a Fiery?  The kinds of printers you might use with Fiery Command Workstation.   I have a group/department with at least six large printers,...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Printer name invalid - Versalink c8000

    I was trying to install a new proofing printer for our marketing department, our first Versalink.  When using the 'Insert Assistant' to install the printer I receive the error 'Printer name invalid' This is on Wi...
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  • How is everyone dealing with limited permission users installing packages themselves?

    We use a product called Powerbroker that allows signed trusted applications to install through a portal for non-admin users. The problem is the Pharos Packages are unsigned and the system cannot use them.  Is the...
    Mike Dorris
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  • Batch Load Technical Information

    (This information source is found in Pharos Help which is part of every Uniprint installation)   Batch Load Technical Information  Layout of input file Using previously archived data Running the Batch Loa...
    Richard Post
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  • Pharos Station Display Issues

    Hello Everyone,   We have been experiencing a strange issue and I am wondering if anyone else has seen this.  We have several PC release stations and certain ones will expeirnce a display issue randomly aft...
    Jim Armstrng
    created by Jim Armstrng
  • Force paper (A4, Exec, etc.) size to Letter

    After spending hours and hours (actually years) trying to instruct users to "read the message on the printer" in the vain hope users will realize when the printer says "Insert Exec" size or "Insert Legal" size it does...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Uniprint 9.0 Sample Reports.zip

    This is a set of some report samples from Uniprint 9.0
    Richard Post
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  • Reporting instances of "Free Print" jobs due to error

    Is there an option to gather a report showing the instances (or frequency, locations, etc.) where "Free Print" jobs occur due to an error with printing the job previously?   Sometimes an error may occur at the a...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Pharos SignUp client deployment with Microsoft SCCM

    Hi,   Has anyone successfully packaged up the Pharos SignUp client and deployed through SCCM? We are on version 9.0 and I am trying to find the best way to remotely deploy the client without having to visit each...
    Daniel D'Alessi
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  • Pharos Packages & SCCM

    Our school uses SCCM to push out software installation to both employee, and student computers (labs.) We have not been successful using SCCM to push out Pharos package installers. It appears that everything goes thro...
    Greg Sykes
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  • Pharos Omega PS200 Can't find path to the Print Server

    Hi there,   I am trying to configure my Omega PS200 to work with our Pharos Print server and I believe that I have all of the network settings correct but now it is saying "connection refused" when trying to get...
    Mike Pacelli
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  • Student Printing at Georgia Tech

    Open video

    Richard Post
    created by Richard Post
  • Recent upgrade to 9.0 SP5 and now a few custom reports are missing

    hello, recently we upgraded to 9.0 SP5 and we are getting word from our Fiscal team that some of the reports are missing. The folder location is mapped correctly and we see it in the "Custom:" box. but we do not see ...
    rudy garza
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  • IIS Redirect for Print Center

    I have been asked by almost every customer that installs Print Center in their environment something about how to more easily direct traffic to the Print Center from the default website without breaking the other web ...
    Richard Post
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  • Availability map

    I was told from a user of Uniprint that when we had purchased this a few years ago, there was a way to have a "map" available stations present itself on a monitor or sign-in station. If this feature does exist in some...
    Adam Demeter
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