Scott Kiser

wish list

Blog Post created by Scott Kiser on Sep 27, 2018

Recently evolved a few wish list items. For example:

  • update the Pharos package uninstaller to remove the contents of HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Pharos\Installed Modules; thus, if you run the uninstaller and then try to reinstall one of the packages, you don't get an error preventing reinstall
  • installing Pharos Admin and then applying updates is an entirely manual process; I'd love to see an installer or package just for Pharos Admin which includes current updates/hotfixes, and is deployable via SCCM
  • additional and better information regarding errors with the Pharos Systems ComTaskMaster service: seems like we see a lot of instances of this service crashing and failing to recover automatically

Anyone agree with these?