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Good afternoon Jeff Herald,


Do you know if there is anything in the pipeline for removing active, secure release printers in Pharos from the list of printers in Print Center? We have a client, Brady Bannister , that is having issues where they have some plotters and other printers set up in Uniprint that are used with Secure Release, and because of this, they are being displayed in Print Center as options for patrons to send prints to. In doing some in house testing, the only way I could get a printer to drop out of the list was to set the Print Group to Direct Printing, remove any release station from the Device, and verify it was not assigned to the MP Print Group. Once all of those items were done, it would no longer display. The issue with that is it is not a fix in the situation that Kim is having. They would like to continue having the plotters set up for Secure Release, they just do not want them to be printed to from Print Center. We have had requests like this in the past, but not in a situation where the printers in question were plotters, or other special media printers.


This was tested on UP 9.0R2 with MP 2.1, as well as UP 9.0 with MP 2.0. Results were the same.


Thank you,


Daniel Caldwell


214-461-9855 x101