Scott Olswold

Symantec Endpoint v12.1 and Pharos Uniprint

Blog Post created by Scott Olswold on Apr 18, 2013

An Important Announcement From Pharos Systems International, Inc.

Pharos Systems International, Inc. has been alerted to an issue with Symantec Endpoint v12.1 and our Uniprint software. This issue has consequences for all of our customers utilizing Symantec Endpoint v12.1 and Uniprint on the same Windows server, and this announcement provides a way to proactively approach this for those locations who have not yet experienced the problem.



Symantec Endpoint v12.1 incorporates a detection technology (Suspicious.Cloud.5) that seeks out malware threats that do not contain traditional signatures (read more: This technology has begun to quarantine a DLL that supports the Uniprint website (for printer driver package downloads and maps). This DLL is called PharosSystems.Library.Utility.dll.


A common dialog box encountered when this occurs is attached to this notification.


Pharos Systems is currently working with Symantec on this, so that it does not affect customer sites ongoing. In the meantime, it is a relatively quick task to engage an exception in the Symantec product. Symantec has posted a general "How To" page for this operation. It can be found at


Pharos Systems apologizes for any inconvenience that this may have caused to those who have already experienced the issue. We thank you for your continued trust and support of the Uniprint product.