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Pharos to Pinnacle Integration

Blog Post created by Lindsay Lamb on Apr 18, 2013

This is a post that took place within a Pinnacle User Group, that other Pharos customers may benefit from and/or can share their experience:





Does anyone import print data from Pharos into Pinnacle’s usage module as a means of printing and displaying departmental print charges?  Any information regarding experiences with this approach (or other Pharos bill processing and presentation approaches) would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any assistance,

Aaron Leatherwood


Budget and Financial Manager
Office of Information Technology
Ohio University






At Cal Poly we do load Pharos data into


Departments manage the consumables in their labs that support Pharos printing.  We then credit them back with a portion of each print charge
to cover the cost of their consumables.  Each print charge is broken into three components (consumables, printer refresh and overhead).  We use Pinnacle to break out these components and then credit them to the proper accounts.


Our model may be a bit different but I'd be happy to go over it with you in more detail if you'd like.  Feel free to give me a call directly.


Dave Ross (805-756-1360)
Support Applications Manager
Cal Poly State University