• Pharos print station in the age of Covid19

    What are folks doing with their touch screen release stations when the new normal begins in the future? Are Clorox wipes safe for the screens or do they leave a residue? Are you taking release stations out and printin...
    Chris Naples
    created by Chris Naples
  • Retrieve listing of purged jobs

    Oddball question;   is there a way to get a listing of jobs that were purged? For example I send 4 jobs and release 2 of them. After 24 hours in our system jobs not printed are purged. Is there a report that giv...
    John Stevens
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  • Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground: Moving Your Pharos Solution to the Cloud

    It's The Best Thing Since Virtual Computing! Cloud Services represents the next step in the IT frontier. Virtual computing allowed a single, beefy server to now represent 4 or more servers, but it still had to run as ...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Pharos Secure Release Here: First- and Last-Mile Print Job Security

    UPDATE: Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 features IPPS connections for Secure Release Here print jobs natively, without the need for significant operating system or printer-level configuration. All that is require...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Print Scout Query

    Dears,   I'm noticing a strange behavior in Blueprint 5.2 R2 and I'm not sure if this is normal.   I have blocked color printing for a group in Active Directory with Print Policies. I see the job is blocke...
    Osman Yousuf
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  • Quick Tip - Server Performance

    Have you checked to make sure all your busy Windows servers have been adjusted from their Windows defaults for Power Management ?   Servers should usually be switched from the default of "Balanced" to "High Perf...
    Richard Post
    created by Richard Post
  • PSClient tray view waiting print jobs and Delegate printing options greyed out

    I have been troubleshooting an issue trying to print from MS edge which is unrelated to the Pharos client but while troubleshooting after restarting the desktop I am now unable to view waiting print jobs or assign del...
    William Bricker
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  • Client Silent Uninstall?

    Hello,   Are there any command line switches or options for UNINST.EXE to perform a silent uninstall?  Would love to be able to script a clean uninstall.   Thanks in advance.
    Tim Faircloth
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  • Pharos rollout questions

    Hi,   We've been working on a process to roll in our student and departmental printing into Pharos.  We have about 4,000 employees and 24,000 students.   For students, we have been working on moving f...
    David Alexander
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  • script for card registration?

    In my institution, we load usernames from Active Directory into Pharos twice a day: the username in Pharos is simply the plain, undistinguished username from AD.   We have multiple other services that require us...
    Scott Kiser
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  • The Pharos Discover conference was so beneficial to me in 2016.  Is there still no plan to hold another one?

    The Pharos Discover conference was so beneficial to me in 2016.  Is there still no plan to hold another one?
    Michael Waters
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  • LPR from Windows - specify username

    Hi,   We are working on a requirement to submit print requests from a windows server to print server using the LPR/LPD protocol. We are trying to find the ability to specify username on the print request. Becaus...
    Naren Barigela
    last modified by Naren Barigela
  • Upgrading to 9.0 SP5 and then to 9.1

    We are planning  an update to 9.0R2 SP5 on 7-20-18. Since this appears to be just an incremental update, can I assume there is no need to update the clients with a new version? After we have upgraded to the lates...
    Adam Demeter
    last modified by Adam Demeter
  • Restricting settings/registration

    My copiers use Pharos Login Application, and I have one user name that is specified as the administrator. How can I restrict access to the settings/registration options if anyone other than the administrator is logged...
    Barbara Jones
    created by Barbara Jones
  • 'Getting The Word Out' - Communications & Marketing Your Printing Program

    We have been getting some inquiries around what types of communication is being used to educate, market, and sell the print management program internally.  In some cases it is customers looking for examples of en...
    Richard Post
    last modified by Richard Post
  • Capture Network Traffic Without Installing Software

    Introduction When troubleshooting connectivity problems between hosts, one of the most effective tools is the packet capture. Software products like Wireshark and Microsoft's Network Monitor can quickly point you in t...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Meltdown/Spectre issue

    Is there anything we need to know about the functionality of Pharos after applying the Meltdown/Spectre patches? Has anyone else applied the patches and had issues?
    Adam Demeter
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  • Jamf

    Does anyone use JAMF? We are having an issue with the pop up client? thanks, Martin
    martin mcdonnell
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  • Windows 10 (1703)

    Are there any known issues with the latest version of Windows 10 (i.e. 1703)? We plan on updating around 100+ PCs in our Library, and we would prefer not to have any issues. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
    Adam Demeter
    last modified by Adam Demeter
  • Troubleshooting LPR/LPD for Pharos Blueprint and Uniprint

    Environments Considered Pharos Uniprint v8.3 and newer (these versions use Pharos Secure Release Service) Pharos Blueprint (all versions) Pharos MobilePrint   Background LPR/LPD is a TCP/IP application that ...
    Scott Olswold
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