• User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>

    We're using Uniprint 9.0 R2 Sp5 and Mobile Print 2.2. We have Ricohs throughout the campus. The inactivity timeout on the devices ranges between 15 second and (default) 30 seconds. I was doing some testing at one loca...
    Andrea Clark
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  • Pharos iMFP for Xerox Installation and Configuration Guide v2.8

    Scott Olswold
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  • iMFP software for Xerox not showing Pharos error messages

    iMFP software for Xerox on VersaLink printers, not showing error messages. For example we block unsupported paper sizes, on the Omega terminals we have a Pharos error message pops up saying that the job attribute is n...
    Chris Davidson
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  • Local login for Pharos on IMFP?

    Edit: I have Pharos Canon IMFP installed on my copier and it is disconnected from the network. I need to login to the copier locally because it is not connected to the network but when I tap "swipe card or touch here...
    William Bricker
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  • Load balanced / resilient KM iMFP service

    Has anyone attempted to load balance or provide redundancy to the Pharos KM iMFP service?   We will be deploying over 300 KM MFD's and don't want to have all of them hosted on a single server (in terms of the KM...
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  • Xerox AltaLink C8030 and USB Barcode Scanner

    I am having issues with our (new) Xerox AltaLink C8030 and our USB barcode scanner (Zebra Miniscan 1207).  It is failing to pass the barcode through via scan.  Connecting a USB keyboard to the copier works f...
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  • Log Files and Blueprint Event Browser

    I am running Blueprint 5.2 R2. What logfile does the Blueprint Event Browser pull from? Where is is? Can I make the file size larger? Can I export the contents of the logfile?
    Mark Duncan
    created by Mark Duncan
  • Blueprint 5.2 Event Browser:  Error sending job to printer

    Network Id: "mrussell", Component: JobService, Message: "The 'OnReleasePrintJobCompleted' method on the job service has thrown the following exception: constraint failed column NetworkAddress is not unique", Network A...
    Jennifer Brown
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  • HP LaserJet Managed E60165dn

    Is the HP LaserJet Managed E60165dn supported by Pharos? Can we embed Pharos on it?
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Feature Request - Xerox iMFP to include additions via Hostname vs. IP

    The HP Futuresmart installer allows adding/installing to a device via Hostname instead of IP address as well as the Pharos Admin console having the ability to manage a device by Hostname instead of IP. Can the ability...
    Chris Anderson
    created by Chris Anderson
  • Pharos iMFP and Xerox Altalink latest firmware

    It looks like the latest firmware versions for the Altalinks has changed the version of Convenience Authentication to 1.1.0 which is not supported by Pharos iMFP.  I found the following in the logs on the iMFP se...
    jim stanley
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  • imfp for Xerox C405

    I'm trying to push imfp software to my first Xerox VersaLink C405 and am getting a "Cannot connect via HTTPS port 443" and it suggests that I assure SSL in enabled.  HTTPS port 443 is definitely enabled and so is...
    Robert Richards
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  • Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta Update (v1.5.7)

    The Pharos iMFP for Konica-Minolta (v1.5.7) has been updated to support several additional KM printers.   This update also includes the following new features:   Support for TLS 1.2 environments. Support ...
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  • Pharos iMFP for Canon Update (v3.3.7)

    The Pharos iMFP for Canon has been updated to support several additional Canon imageRUNNER printers, as well as the new "Generation 3 III" devices set for release in February and May 2019.   This update (v3.3.7)...
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  • iMFP for KM v2?

    Hi-  were getting ready to migrate to Konica-Minolta iMFPs and have been using v1.5.6 for testing. I heard through the grape vine that there was a new version 2 out there. Does anyone know where I can find that o...
    Scott Kegley
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  • Issue Installing Ricoh 1.5.8 IMFP Software

    Hello,   We are having issues installing version 1.5.8 on our Ricoh copiers.  When we try to install this version, the installer  generates an Error 0 when you try and install it to the Ricoh copiers.&...
    Jim Armstrng
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  • Pharos iMFP for Ricoh Update (v1.5.8)

    The Pharos iMFP for Ricoh has been updated to support several additional Ricoh multi-function printers. This update (v1.5.8) also includes the following features:   Support for multiple administrative accounts w...
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  • Canon imageRunner Advance C5550i II

    I am checking to see if the Canon imageRunner Advance C5550i II is a supported device.  In searching here, I have only been able to find older document lists so I wanted to confirm before looking to replace some ...
    Mark Robertson
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  • Toshiba Printers using eConnect on Uniprint

    Hello All,   I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience with either incorporating, or using Toshiba printers as secure release devices in their environment.  If you would be willin...
    Mike West
    created by Mike West
  • Scan to Email not working with Mobile Print

    We had a working Scan to Email environment.  The end user would log into the MFP and scan.  The email was delivered from the email account setup on the MFP. (Generic Account)   Once we installed Mo...
    Eric Kurtz`
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