• iMFP Documentation Improvements?

    Hi everyone!  We recognize that our documentation has plenty of room for improvement, and we'd like to gather your feedback as we re-engineer our iMFP documentation to improve its usefulness.   If you have ...
    Lindsay Lamb
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  • Pharos Omega PS-150 and the DROWN Attack

    In the ever-changing world of IT Security, CVE-2016-0800 was released publicly on 1 March 2016. This bulletin describes the "DROWN" attack (https://drownattack.com/) and compromised systems. The Pharos Omega PS-150's ...
    Scott Olswold
    created by Scott Olswold
  • Poodle Mania

    The Poodle bug has been a constant concern since it was identified in the IT communities.  From a Pharos perspective the iMFP software rides on top of the secure connection provided by the MFP manufacturers. ...
    John Stewart
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  • Reduce keyboard to numeric only

    Hi all,   It would be great to modify the layout of the PS200 on-screen keyboard. Specifically, we have a customer that would like to reduce the keyboard to a numeric only pad as the username/passwords are all n...
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  • HP e-mail “from” address shows employee ID instead of e-mail address

    We get asked a lot if a user's  e-mail address can be automatically populated in the iMFP HP solution...   As long as the user’s e-mail address is correctly populated in the Pharos server this will ha...
    Lindsay Lamb
    created by Lindsay Lamb