• unlink unused card's id in Blueprint 5.2

    Hello! May be someone who supports Blueprint product will find it helpful. When an employee leaves the company his ActiveDirectory's account is disabled, the card is sometimes given to other person and if the new ow...
    Nikolay Karetnikov
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  • Pharos Blueprint Enterprise and SNMP State Checks on Devices

    Pharos Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 1.2/2.1 One of the features available with the Blueprint Enterprise 5.1 Service Pack 1.2 update is SNMP State Checking. This feature ensures that you do not inadvertently release a jo...
    Scott Olswold
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  • Blueprint Documentation Feedback

    Hello! Let me please share some feedback on BP documentation I had after BP5.1 installation on Windows 2008R2 Cluster. I should say that among many products I worked with, the Blueprint has one of the best documentati...
    Nikolay Karetnikov
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  • Pharos reference guides and study material

    Hello all My experience with pharos is imited or basic, I need to know where can I study for it to further my knowledge. I am a South African, Office Automation my profession. thanks Jacob L
    Jacob Letebele
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