Scott Olswold

Blueprint Enterprise Support for Microsoft SQL 2019

Blog Post created by Scott Olswold on Jan 6, 2020

When Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 was being developed for release, Microsoft was busy preparing for the release of SQL Server 2019. At the time of our larger push for release readiness, it was decided that we not regression test against this version of Microsoft SQL Server because it added significant (and unplanned) time, and no existing customer in our contact group had any plans to migrate to that version any time soon.


Instead, we opted to allow the installation to continue with a caveat notification that we hadn't fully tested it yet:


Non-tested SQL version notification


and a validation step that continuing was "at risk."


Since then, we have been able to more fully test the operation of Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and are happy to report that operational events (inserting and updating objects in Blueprint Administrator, data publications, file imports) work as expected.


When the next major version of Blueprint Enterprise is released, this warning screen will be removed when Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is detected.


Earlier Versions of Blueprint Enterprise

Installing Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 and lower to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 are not supported. If an existing Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 or earlier database is migrated to a SQL Server 2019 instance, our expectation is that, operationally, there will be no incident.