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The purpose of this update is to replace the Pharos Page Counter components for the Pharos Blueprint Print Agent for MacOS. This update provides improved support for MacOS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) by providing the Page Counter as a 64-bit binary.



This update requires Pharos Blueprint Print Agent for MacOS v1276.


How to Update

Run the PCounter.pkg (download here) on MacOS Mojave or Catalina clients that already have Print Agent v 1276 installed. This installation requires no restart of process or the MacOS computer.


In-line Installation for New Clients

Install the Pharos Blueprint Print Agent for MacOS v1276 and then follow immediately with the PCounter.pkg file.


NOTE: MacOS Catalina has a problem (it is possibly a security feature) if the PharosPrintAgent.mpkg file is being executed anywhere inside the current user's home directory (/Users/%User%). Within the /var/log/Install.log file, there will be an error message:


The domain/default pair of (/Users/%user%/Desktop/PharosPrintAgent.mpkg/Contents/Packages/../Configuration/Settings, BMTMainServerURL) does not exist.


The resolution is to stow the file somewhere else (/tmp or /Users/Shared, for example) and run the .mpkg file.