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This document outlines the version numbers associated with public releases of Pharos Blueprint Enterprise and its service packs. This document's scope is from Blueprint 5.1 and forward.


Blueprint Enterprise Release Names and Versions

The following table lists all Blueprint Release Names, Versions, and Release Dates.


Release NameBuild NumberRelease Date
Blueprint 5.1 General Release5.1.78384-Apr-13
Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 15.1.80003-Dec-13
Blueprint 5.1 SP25.1.820717-Apr-14
Blueprint 5.1 R25.1.78381-Oct-14
Blueprint 5.1 SP3.15.1.832116-Oct-14
Blueprint 5.2 General Release5.2.89918-Jul-15
Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack 15.2.911627-Nov-15
Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack
Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack 35.2.985719-Oct-17
Blueprint 5.2 Release 25.2.993724-Jan-18
Blueprint 5.2 Service Pack