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I just try to upgrade the Blueprint 5.1 with SP 3.1. Unfortunatelly the upgrade process is finishing with that error

"System Exception: Upgarade Scout failed with exit code 102,

at Installer.Install.UpgradeTracker()

at Installer.Install.DoRunOperations()

at Installer.Install.Run()

at.Installer.Program.Main(String[] args)"


I tried to run installation of the Tracker on the server and have got info "Installer has detected that you are running Citrix or Terminal Services. This is not supported for a Print Scout print server installation. Workstation mode must be specified"

I noticed similar info during upgrade fro exmaple from BP 4 to 5, but this could be solved by switching the terminal service mode to install, using in CMD this entry "Change User /Install". Unfortunately it doen't work this time.


Had somebody similar issue?


Best regards