• Bonjour/DDNS printing

    There are macs in our environment connected to our Windows Print server using Bonjour instead of LPD.  At the same time, Windows 7/10 machines are printing using Discovery instead of Group Policy to \\s...
    Stacey Francis
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  • MAC Scout version is Mac Scout

    Has anyone seen when MAC Scout is installed that it changes how the job comes across in Uniprint to show Computername\user name - thus jobs wont show up when a user swipe their ID Card at a release station?Example is ...
    Jeff Rasa
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  • Online Fax Solution

    Has anyone used an online fax solution? If so what one and does it work well?
  • Where to start?

    Howdy all, I'm having a bit of a problem figuring out how to get started with Beacon.  We've got the various scouts deployed, but I'm having trouble configuring the actual data sorting.  Specifically, it loo...
    Tim Strackbein
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  • Can't Register Prox Card after Install in Win10

    Has anyone had this issue where a fresh install of secure print in which you try to activate a prox card but there is never a section in the process that shows the "I have a registration code" button comes up?   ...
    Alexander Robinson
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  • Restricting Access to MFP's for certain groups

    We have several mfp's that we would like to prevent students from making copies on. We are able to block them from printing to the device by utilizing the access times but copying seems to be the issue. Thoughts?
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Print Scout Activity

    We are beginning a mass deploy of the print scout across our organization. We currently have hundreds of successful client installs. However, there is no print data being populated for local print jobs. Is there a del...
    Benjamin Anderson
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  • Tracking Print Through Banner

    We are a Banner ERP school. There are some situations where users are sending print jobs to networked printers from the banner system. The issue is that the printer is specified in the banner system so we lose our abi...
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Scheduled Print Jobs Traceability

    We have areas that schedule print jobs to run to a specific device. Such as transcripts and diplomas. The issue that I am running into is that the print job is created and sent to a server that applies formatting and ...
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Filtering and Sorting Beacon Data

    When I look at the Filter setting in the Beacon dashboard, I see Uniprint and back office as options. I looked around some of the documentation and forums and didn't see anything that answer my questions, so I apologi...
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  • Beacon Mac Scout not yet supported on MacOS Sierra

    For Beacon customers who are using the Mac Scout, please note that the Mac Scout will not install successfully on the new MacOS Sierra. We are currently updating the Mac Scout to support changes in the latest MacOS an...
  • Ricoh devices showing up as a Canon Model

    I have several Ricoh devices that are showing up in beacon as cannon model #"s.  
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Demographic Information in Beacon

    How does the demographic information get into Beacon?
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Beacon & Fiery devices

    Does Beacon support capturing information on fiery devices ?  If so, which ones ?   Aaron Johnson heard at the conference that it may have something to do with firmware versions.  Can someone elaborate...
    Richard Post
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  • Devices appearing as "Unknown Network Device"

    Hello,   I have several devices appearing as "unknown" in the Print dashboard that are actively reporting in Fleet.  It seems to be devices that were added after the Uniprint connector was activated. &...
    Clayton Bollmann
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  • Deleting a Device Scout

    When I try deleting a device scout that I created in Beacon I receive the following error message. The State of the scout is OK.
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • Meter Reporting

    In beacon under the Discover>Device Inventory it shows that there are 327 Ricoh devices that have been contacted in the last 2 days. When I go to Fleet>Meters it only shows 119 Ricoh devices. What causes this?
    Andrew Wynbissinger
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  • sustainability in beacon:  extracting data, and change over time

    i'm trying to push beacon as an important aspect of our push for sustainability (other than by showing how to reduce printing), and its seeming lack of sustainability data for extraction is making it difficult.  ...
    Bill Kasper
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  • How can I create dashboards or run reports on groups of printers by location?

    I want to be able to break down the reporting by building. I have the location field filled for each device and can filter the Volume page, but can run a report for just those devices.   Secondarily, I'd like t...
    Justin LeTellier
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  • Registration file does not exist

    Pulled from a comment on Deploying the Print Scout to multiple machines   Andrew has had success adding the print scout to multiple machines, but when adding the config file the test connects to the server, but...
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