• Deploy Print Scout via SCCM

    Does anyone have experience with mass deployment of print scout via System Center Configuration Manager? I have successfully deployed other software, but that was mostly with an MSI file. If someone could provide a st...
    Marc Costanzo
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  • Beacon Print Scout now supports MacOS Sierra

    Beacon Print Scout for Mac updated on 10/19/2016 If you have had Mac workstations running the Beacon Print Scout and those workstations were upgraded to MacOS Sierra (released by Apple on September 20, 2016) those Be...
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  • Beacon Reporting

    After letting Beacon run on the system for a month, it is now time to start looking at the reporting capabilities. The first thing I notice is that there is no tracking of Mobileprint. Secondly, neither the Device Lis...
    John Siegel
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  • Want status reads in Beacon when uploading Device Scout Discovery results? Here's how.

    Device status will be collected automatically by a deployed device scout based on the configured status collection interval. However, if you want to manually collect status and upload to Beacon in between scheduled co...
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  • Feedback Items

    I haven't actually deployed anything yet, but here are a couple items off the top I've noticed:   1. It would be good to also register the DNS beacon.pharos.com as www. is rather passe at this point   2. ...
    Yadin Flammer
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  • UI feedback - Mobile devices

    The UI doesn't always behave as expected when using a mobile browser.   When accessing Beacon from my mobile device in landscape orientation, the controls at the bottom of the page are half out of view and are n...
    Paul LaFollette
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  • Missing data

    Seeing a lot of issues with missing data for devices.   Under Fleet -> Toner, 12 of the 88 listed devices have no date of last supply read and all supply levels say Not available.  These are a mix of mak...
    Yadin Flammer
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  • Why is this only for Laser printers?

    Big issue for us.  Huge.  Crippling even.   What I mean specifically is that under Fleet there is a Toner tab.  No Ink tab.  The columns are ONLY for CMYK laser printers.  We have nearly...
    Yadin Flammer
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  • Which UI customizations are stored browser-side?

    This question was asked elsewhere, but I believe would be helpful to share.   What UI customizations are stored browser-side and will not survive clearing the browser cache, moving to another browser, or switchi...
  • Fun with Beacon

    Anyone else running Beacon yet?   We just installed it this week. Install was easy and the documentation is easy to follow.     So far we have only been monitoring the Uniprint scout; we plan on addin...