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This update introduces Sentry Print capabilities that provide an unprecedented level of simplicity, flexibility, and ROI. Take advantage of serverless secure printing! Reduce or eliminate your print infrastructure and related IT management tasks, and enable secure mobile printing from any location. 


Serverless Secure Printing

You no longer have to spend your time managing secure printing operations for your organization. Now you can quickly deploy secure pull printing technology without any servers in your environment. Sentry Print secures your devices and your document output workflows - it even works in a zero-trust network environment! Take full advantage of the benefits that Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides: automatic scaling, simple deployment, and no software to manage.


Mobile Print Submission

With the Sentry Print mobile app for iOS and Android devices, you can now submit documents into the secure print system. Employees must first download or update the Sentry Print app from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (for Android). The app installs a secure printer profile that enables driverless printing using IPP-Everywhere technology. Note: Existing mobile app users will need to re-register their mobile devices.


Support for Zero Trust Networks

Sentry Print now supports zero trust network environments (sometimes referred to as internet-only networks). Print jobs are securely transmitted to the cloud then parked and encrypted using AWS S3 KMS. When a user successfully authenticates at a secured printer, the printer pulls the job from the cloud. There is never any communication between devices within the network, which significantly reduces the security risk inside your network. 


OpenID Authentication 

Sentry Print can now tie into OpenID Connect services (e.g. Office365/Azure AD and Google) for companies that need to secure their print environment without a local Active Directory server. Employees can now authenticate at their workstation with the company's selected authentication provider.


Batch Card Import

Organizations can now batch register proximity cards via CSV upload. With batch card import, IT administrators simply create a CSV file with employee proximity card numbers and their corresponding user ID. This CSV file is imported into Beacon, and employees can start printing securely with their pre-registered cards. No extra steps are required.


For centralized control, administrators can also choose to disable self-registration. This adds an extra layer of security; it ensures full control over the cards being registered in the environment. With this option, users attempting to register their card at a printer will see a simple message informing them of the appropriate action to take.


Driverless Secure Printing

You can now take advantage of driverless secure printing via IPP Everywhere (IPP/E). Mac users who have taken advantage of AirPrint are familiar with driverless printing: you can print directly from an app using the Print command built into the operating system. IPP/E printers offer high-quality output and finishing options without the need to download and install vendor-specific drivers or configure print queues.


New Cloud Storage Settings

There are two new settings in the Secure > Settings screen:

  • Cloud Storage: Enable or disable cloud storage. When Cloud Storage is disabled, documents are stored and encrypted on the user’s local workstation only. When Cloud Storage is enabled, documents are stored and encrypted both in the cloud and user workstations.
  • Mobile Submission: Enable or disable Mobile print job submission. When Mobile Submission is enabled, print users can submit documents using the Sentry Print mobile app.


Simplified User Experience

When people walk up to a printer to release their secure print jobs, the user experience should be simple and fast. The experience at the device has never been easier: Sentry Print provides a simple user interface that’s consistent across all supported devices and the user authentication and print release process is significantly faster than before.


Print Analytics API

You can now connect Print Analytics to your favorite third-party tools, like Excel, Power BI Desktop, and Tableau. Please contact Pharos to enable this feature. The Monthly Print Data API allows you to extract the same information as the CSV export options on the main dashboard screen. The previous six calendar months are available to download from the dashboard screen and the previous 60 months (5 years) are available via the API endpoint. The last 30 days and the twelve most recent calendar months are available to download from the user documents screen and the previous 365 days (1 year) can be downloaded via the API endpoint.


Linux Print Scout 

Sentry Print now supports Ubuntu and Red Hat operating systems when the authentication provider is set to OpenID Connect.


Leverage Latest Security Standards

Sentry Print and its corresponding mobile app now use the latest encryption standards, AES-256 (for data at rest) and TLS v1.2 using SHA-256 (for data in transit).


Secure Printers by IP Address

At some customer sites, DNS lookup for printers is not supported. This can make the securing of printers challenging. Now, Sentry Print will first attempt to secure devices by hostname and then by IP address if the hostname is unsuccessful.


Multiple Language support for Secure Printers 

Printers enabled with the Sentry Print panel experience can now support translations in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian


Component Release Versions:

Software Component

Release Version

Web Client Software


Device Scout

Print Scout (Windows)

Print Scout (Mac)

 Print Scout (Linux)


Secure Print Site Service - Local Connector


Secure Print Site Service - Cloud Connector





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