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In Uniprint, each printer can be configured to allow or disallow certain print job attributes.  We're going to explore this a little...


Pharos Help (which is extremely helpful in getting to know the product) states the following...


The job attributes (page size and finishing options like Staple, Collate or Duplex) that are valid for this Device. Setting supported attributes ensures that jobs with unsupported attributes are not routed to this printer.

To change the job attributes that are valid for a printer, click the editing button at the end of this field. This opens a dialog where attributes are selected. Check all attributes valid for the selected printer and click OK. Leaving all boxes unchecked means the printer accepts all attributes.


So, now we know what it does, what is the best practice ?


Normally, we leave this unchecked (default), which allows for jobs of all types to be delivered to the printers.  In some cases, a particular attribute, typically a paper size, causes a problem in the printing workflow and because of this, needs to be eliminated.  For instance, if every time you sent a print job with a non-standard paper size, the printer basically jammed up and waits for the correct paper to be inserted.  This is undesirable because if the error is not resolved, the printer becomes useless to the original requester as well as everyone afterwards until the job is cleared.


That said, typically, any customer that has this problem will check all the boxes but the offending paper type or specific attribute.  You don't want to be too restrictive on this list since if you don't allow something like 'collate' and a user requests 'collate' in the print attribute (regardless of whether the printer does it or not), the job won't be printed and you'll end up with another help desk ticket.


Every customer is different, but if you must eliminate certain attributes, make sure to keep at least these checked (unless you really know for sure that they are not needed and/or not possible)…


AutoFeed, Bind, Booklet, Collate, Color, Duplex, ESC/P2, Fold, HP-GL/2, Laminate, Legal, Letter, ManualFeed, Mono, NoBind, NoBooklet, NoCollate, NoFold, NoLaminate, NoPunch, NoStaple, NoTrim, NoTumble, PCL, PCLXL, PDF, PostScript, Punch, Simplex, Staple, Text, Trim


(the bold ones are the really important / common ones)


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