Email-Based Authentication

Document created by Anna Campbell on May 2, 2019
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With the release of SPS12 comes a new way for users to identify themselves with Sentry Print Services. Similar to other cloud-based products on the market today, users register with the system by providing an email address. Sentry Print Services then sends an email containing a unique link and verification code to the email address provided, allowing the user to validate ownership of the email account and complete their registration.

Users are prompted to create a PIN Code for use at the MFP to register their proximity card or as an alternative means of authenticating themselves at the MFP to release documents. PIN Code creation is a one-time step and is associated with the user's email address, not their workstation. Further devices registered to the user's email account will not require the creation of a PIN.

This update allows IT administrators to run Sentry Print Services without the requirement of an on-premise Active Directory system. Sentry Print Services can now run in any customer environment no matter what authentication system they have chosen for their users - Azure AD, Google, local AD - we support them all!

Registering an Email Address

You will receive an email from your IT admin with instructions on how to register your email account. The registration process includes entering your email address, verifying your email address, and setting a PIN code associated with your email address.

  1. To launch the Setup Guide:
    • On Windows, open the Setup Guide or search for Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide on the Start Menu.
    • On macOS, press ⌘-Space to open Spotlight then search for Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide

      On Windows, you can also launch the Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide from the email invitation you received. The invitation contains a link to the Setup Guide. It is important for you to open the email from the workstation where their Print Scout is installed.

  2. On the Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide, enter a valid email address to register and then click Verify. This ensures that the email address belongs to you.

    The Verify email address screen appears.
  3. Check your email and then follow the instructions in the email to complete email verification.

    To verify your email address, you can choose from either of the following options:
    • Option 1: Click the Confirm Email Address link within the email.
      Note: Make sure to click the link on the machine that you used to launch the Setup Guide. If you click the link on a different machine or a web browser, you will get the error message "The address wasn't understood."

    • Option 2: Enter a verification code. In the Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide, select Enter verification code instead and enter the code shown in the email.

      Note: The link and the verification code are valid for one hour only.

  4. After your email address is successfully verified, the Set PIN dialog appears. Enter a 4-digit PIN code. You can use this PIN code with your registered email address to release documents from a printer.

    You’ve now registered your email address to Pharos Sentry Print, the next step is to activate your preferred release method.