Technote: Uniprint Load Balancing

Version 7

    This document includes two attachments:

    • Technote Uniprint Load Balancing - This document provides instructions on how to configure HAProxy for Uniprint 9.1 as well as the changes required to the Uniprint components for load balancing to work. Using the information in this document, you should be able to configure other load balancers, if they can do both layer 7 (app) and layer 4 (TCP) type load balancing.
    • 9.1SP1 - This file includes the following scripts, which are required to configure load balancing for Uniprint.
      • AddServerForUniprintLoadBalancing.SQL - Adds the load balancer as a fake server in the Uniprint Database.
      • RenameServer.bat - Renames the print server used by the Popup client in Uniprint.
      • sample-haproxy-config.txt - Sample HAProxy configuration file.