Pharos Beacon Update: February 2019 Release Notes

Version 11

    We are happy to announce the latest update to the Beacon cloud platform!

    This update includes improvements that help create a simpler and more flexible experience for both the administrator and the end user:


    Email-Based Setup

    The initial end-user setup experience has been simplified with a familiar email-based account verification workflow. This end-user configuration does not depend on Active Directory. Users simply enter and verify their email address, create a PIN, and then register their employee ID card at a printer using their email address and PIN combination. After this initial setup, the user's ID card is all that's required to authenticate at a network device to release documents. In the event that an employee ID card is lost, damaged, or simply forgotten, the email address and PIN can still be used to authenticate at a printer.


    PCL6 Driver Support

    PCL6 drivers are now fully supported. Customers can take advantage of printers that use the PCL6 language, including the new high-resolution HP devices.


    Component Release Versions:


    Software Component

    Build Version

    Web Client Software


    Device Scout

    Print Scout (Windows)

    Print Scout (Mac)

    Secure Print Site Service




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