Pharos Beacon Update: October 2018 Release Notes

Version 25

    We are happy to announce the latest update to the Beacon cloud platform!


    New features in this update

    There are several improvements and new features in this update, including custom network routing capability for Sentry Print Services customers, improved user registration management, support for SNMPv3, CSV export of personalized views, new timing logs for performance troubleshooting, and support for 3 additional languages.


    Segmented Network Support

    Administrators can now group Secure Print components into distinct network segments. This allows distributed organizations to manage printing traffic across separate regions, for example large companies with many sites across geographic locations or companies with remote branch offices. See more information on this topic here: Networks


    User Registration ManagementRermovePrintUserRegistration.png

    This release introduces a simple way for administrators to more efficiently manage user registrations in the system. As shown here, administrators can now remove a registered proximity card if it is lost or if the user leaves the organization. Similarly, if the user has registered with their Active Directory username and a PIN code, administrators can revoke that registration from the system to prevent other users from authenticating with the same credentials. See more information on this topic here: Sentry Print Settings


    SNMPv3 Support

    Administrators can now configure the Device Scout to securely communicate with a printer using SNMPv3. Support for v3 provides additional security for querying devices using SNMP by providing authentication, encryption, and access control. See more information on this topic here: Device Scout Discovery Utility


    CSV Export of Personalized Views

    As an improvement to the Personalized Views feature introduced in the prior release, you can now export your view as a CSV file.


    Timing Logs for Latency Troubleshooting

    You can now collect timing logs while the Secure Print system is running to reveal the source of any latency you may be experiencing.

    See more information on this topic here: Timing Logs


    Additional Language Support for End Users

    Secure Print now fully supports Swedish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), and Simplified Chinese. (Secure Print also supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.)


    Certification Update

    Secure Print officially passed certification with the KM bEST Certification team in August of 2017, however a few minor changes were required. These improvements have been made in this release and a follow-up certification is scheduled in October 2018.


    Fleet Manager Report API Service

    An application programming interface (API) is now available for customers to automate the extraction of their fleet volume data to use off-system. New volume data is available on a nightly basis and can be exported to common analytics tools like MS Power BI, Curl, and PowerShell. If you would like more information about the Fleet Manager API, please contact


    Component Release Versions:


    Software Component

    Release Version

    Web Client Software


    Device Scout


    Print Scout (Windows)

    Print Scout (Mac)
    Secure Print Site Service2.1.40




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