Document Management Tool

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The Document Management tool is a light HTML-based popup that's part of the Print Scout or Mac Print Scout. This tool enables print users to:

  • View documents in their print queueDocumentManagementApp.png
  • Delete documents they no longer need
  • View activity history
  • Launch the Setup Guide (available only on Windows)

The Document Management tool minimizes the amount of time users may need to spend at the printer. It enables you to delete print jobs from your queue before you walk up to a printer to release your documents. This tool is particularly useful when printers are secured with the Sentry SR25 hardware for print release. The SR25 does not leverage the printer’s user interface, so users would have no opportunity to delete specific jobs from their queue before releasing their prints.


Launching the Document Management tool


Microsoft Windows

To launch the Document Management tool on Windows: From the Start Menu, search for the Document Management app. Selecting the app adds an icon in the task notification area (i.e. system tray area) located at the right end of your screen. Click the Document Management icon to launch the app.




Mac OS X

In the menu bar (at the top of the screen), click the Document Management icon.