Uniprint 9.1 Coming Soon!

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We’re happy to announce that Pharos Uniprint 9.1 will be available in early May. This release is our most secure and thoroughly tested upgrade to date, and it provides a lot of new value to students and administrators. We strongly encourage any customers who are currently running 8.x versions of Uniprint to upgrade to 9.1 as we begin to retire support for the 8 series. Uniprint 9.1 provides several important new features and improvements, including:


Support for Google Cloud Print

Uniprint 9.1 and MobilePrint 2.3 now provide support for customers that wish to leverage Google's Cloud Print service, which is popular in schools and libraries that require support for Chromebooks. Administrators associate the Uniprint accounts of students and faculty with their Google accounts to enable printing from Chromebooks or any other device. All print jobs submitted through the Google Cloud Print service will be recorded and managed just like standard Uniprint jobs.


Single Sign-on for Print Center

Print Center now supports Single Sign-on (SSO) via CAS or Shibboleth. When students log into Print Center, they are automatically redirected through their ID provider and then seamlessly back to Print Center.


Browser-based PC Release Station with Print Center themes

The PC Release Station is now available as a browser-based Print Center service. This is an optional mode that administrators can enable or disable. The default setting for upgrades is Legacy mode, so any sites that currently use the PC Release Station will not be disrupted upon upgrading. For new installs, the default is Print Center mode. In this browser-based mode, students can pay for and print a job, and view account activity. This mode also allows for customization, so any school colors and logos you have applied in Print Center will carry over to the PC Release Stations. You can also configure each Release Station so that students can add funds to their account (if you have a Credit Card Gateway license).


Support for TLS 1.2

Uniprint 9.1 provides support for TLS 1.2 in all components, for a higher level of security across the solution suite. This release also supports older transport protocols. For example, if your site uses TLS 1.0 or SSL 3.0, it will continue to work after upgrading to Uniprint 9.1. Windows 2016 and SQL Server 2016 / 2017 are also supported in this release.


Administrative and end-user experience improvements

In addition to the browser-based PC Release Station and support for Google Clout Print, Uniprint 9.1 includes several other features that improve the user experience, including:


  • Better theme customization to give administrators control over which sections of Print Center are visible to end users
  • Expanded control over specific user interface elements.
  • The ability to create Guest accounts in either Print Center or Administrator
  • The ability to force monochrome print jobs to monochrome devices (when you have multiple devices associated with a single Release Station)


Improved handling of deprecated servers

Administrators can now identify inactive servers to prevent unnecessary traffic. This is especially useful for server maintenance purposes. For example, servers can be temporarily taken offline and then reactivated once the maintenance task is complete. Deprecating a server preserves the transaction history; there's no need to archive transactions.


Updater Service configuration now updates all servers

Using the new Updater Service Configuration Settings Editor, Administrators can propagate Updater Service settings across all servers. This means that manual editing of individual updater.config files is no longer required in most circumstances.


MobilePrint 2.3

Several performance improvements and new features have been introduced in the latest version of MobilePrint, including support for PDFs that contain handwriting and annotations, and notifications for PDFs that are password-protected.


For a complete list of new features and more details, please refer to the Uniprint 9.1 New Features Guide. Got questions? Let us know in a comment below! We look forward to talking to you about this update.