Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 R2 Documentation

Version 17

    Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 R2 provides the exact same feature set as Blueprint 5.2 with Service Pack 3 applied, but adds support for Microsoft Server 2016. Blueprint 5.2 R2 also makes it easy for customers who are currently running Blueprint 5.0 or 5.1 to get up to date with all the latest features and improvements to Blueprint Enterprise. If you are already running Blueprint 5.2 and want to upgrade to Service Pack 3, please refer to these supporting documents instead.


    In addition to the product documentation PDFs listed below, you can also share information in the Blueprint discussion forum and find answers in the Pharos Knowledge Base.


    See What's New: Blueprint 5.2 R2 New Features


    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Guides

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 New Features

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Installation Guide

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Configuration Guide

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Operation Guide

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Product Specification

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Reporting Data Model

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Reporting Guide

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Upgrade Guide

    Blueprint 5.2 R2 Upgrade Impacts


    Print Center Guides

    Blueprint-Pharos Print Center Guide 3.7
    Blueprint-Pharos Print Center Deployment Strategy




    Print Scout Deployment Guide (R2)