Uniprint customers: Need to secure back-office printing?

Version 17

    You have student printing under control, but what about the back office? Even if you’re not responsible for faculty printing, a tremendous opportunity awaits. We have found that faculty printing accounts for as much as 70% of total print volume at some universities. You don’t have to be a print expert to save your school money and significantly reduce waste and IT maintenance tasks. With Sentry Print Services, you can quickly deploy secure print workflows in specific faculty areas or across the entire staff.


    • Reduce print drivers and queues
    • Reduce security risk and waste
    • Eliminate print servers
    • Track printing metrics across your organization
    • Fast, easy setup and deployment across locations
    • Solution components update automatically
    • Works with most printers and multi-function devices


    Call us today at (585) 939-7051 or email sales@pharos.com. Join the growing ranks of IT leaders who are taking print management to the back office to reduce operational expenses and improve print security and convenience.