Purged and Deleted

Version 3

    The Purged and Deleted card shows the amount of savings  (year to date) realized as a result of print jobs that were submitted but never released. These print jobs are either canceled by the user or they expire when they are not released within a defined period of time.


    Year Projected shows the potential savings based on savings achieved so far.


    This metric also shows the following information:

    • Released – The number of pages (year to date) released from secured printers.
    • User Deleted – The number of pages deleted by users.
    • Auto Purged – The number of pages automatically purged by Secure Print. By default, unreleased print jobs are automatically purged from the system after 48 hours but can be changed to as little as one hour or as much as seven days (on Secure > Settings screen).


    Why is this important?

    It's common for people to submit print jobs and then forget about them. In an unsecured print environment, these documents would likely be printed and left there for anyone to see. Secure Print saves your organization money, prevents waste, and protects document confidentiality by requiring users to authenticate and release their print jobs while physically present at a secured device. This secure workflow ensures that documents are printed only when they are truly necessary. Print jobs that are not released after 48 hours will automatically expire.