Importing Device Meter Data via Power BI

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Note: Before you can import device meter data via Power BI, you must first enable this feature. See Connecting to the API to Extract Device Meter Data


You can use Microsoft Power BI desktop to extract the data and import it to Power BI Desktop for manipulation.


To extract device meter data using Power BI.

  1. Launch the Power BI Desktop.
  2. From the Home ribbon, click on Get Data. This opens a list of data types/sources.
  3. Select All, scroll down and locate Web and then click Connect.


  1. In the dialog box that appears, select Advanced.


Note: You can complete the following fields using the information from the Device Meter Data dialog box. To open the dialog box, go to Analyis > API screen and then click on Device Meter data. Take note of the following values: HTTP request and Authorization Key.



  1. In the URL parts, paste the URL part of the HTTP request. This is the URL for the Beacon server where the device meter data can be extracted from. This is typically in the form: .
  2. Enter the HTTP request header parameters.
  • In the first field, select Authorization from the drop-down list box.
  • In the second field, type in bearer and then paste the Authorization Key copied from the Device Meter dialog.PowerBI.png
  1. Click OK. After connecting to the Beacon server, you will see the extracted device meter data.