Sentry Print FAQs and Troubleshooting

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  • Can I change the default driver installed with Sentry Print?

It may be desirable to change the print driver  used by the automatically created Secure Printer queue. One reason to do so would be to offer compatibility with a different range of printer models. For more information, please refer to the Sentry Print Driver Compatibility topic.

  • A user has deleted the default queue (Pharos Secure Printer) from their workstation, should I reinstall the Print Scout?

If a user has deleted the Sentry Print default printer, you do not need to re-install the Print Scout. Simply restart either of the Print Scout Services (Pharos Systems Print Scout Service or Pharos Print Scout Spooler Service) or restart the machine. The default Secure Printer queue will be re-created automatically.

  • How long does a document remain the Secure printer queue?

The length of time a document remains in the Secure Printer queue depends on purge jobs after setting in the Secure > Settings screen. By default, unreleased documents will be automatically deleted from the system after 48 hours.

  • What languages are supported by Sentry Print?

The following user-facing components of Sentry Print support translations to French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

    • The Mobile App will display screens in the language set on a user's mobile device.
    • The Pharos Sentry Print Setup Guide will display screens in the local language set on the user's operating system.
    • Printers (iMFPs) running embedded software will display Sentry Print screens in the language set for the device.

Note: If an unsupported language is detected, the user-facing components will display in English.



  • My documents are not printing correctly

There may be different reasons why documents are not printing correctly. One thing to check is whether the default print driver is compatible with the printer you are releasing your documents from. For information on how to test whether the default print driver is compatible with all Secure Printers, refer to the Sentry Print Driver Compatibility  topic.

  • I get the following error when I test the connection from the Device Scout or Print Scout to Beacon server:The remote server returned an error: 503 Server Unavailable.

This is usually the result of the Scout not being able to connect to the cloud because the server name has been entered incorrectly. Check that the server name (in the Server Configuration tab) has been entered correctly.

  • Errors typically encountered when securing printers

Error message
Incorrect password. The Admin password does not match the printer at {NetworkAddress}. Check whether the password entered matches the Admin password on the printer.

The Sentry Print system must be able to access the print devices in your environment that are secured with proximity cards or login credentials. Typically, the default printer password is used, but if the printer password is not the same as the default password, you can configure the printer password in the Secure Printers screen so that the Sentry Print can access the printer.

Ensure that the password used matches the Admin password on the printer.
Printer uncontactable. The printer could not be contacted at {NetworkAddress}. Check whether the printer is switched on and has the correct network address.

This error typically occurs under the following conditions:

  • The printer’s IP address has changed since the printer was last secured.
  • The printer is powered off.
  1. Ensure that the printer is turned on.
  2. Verify that the IP address of the printer has changed since it was last secured.
  3. Once you have verified that the printer IP address has been changed, you will need to secure the printer again.

Unable to install app. The system was unable to install the app on {DeviceModel} at address {NetworkAddress}.


When trying to secure a printer, an app is installed into the printer. This app is required for proximity and keypad release types. This error usually occurs when you are trying to secure printers and the app fails to install on the printer.


  • The printer is not reachable because it is turned off.
  • Something went wrong during the installation.
After having ruled out the possible causes, resecure the printers.
Unable to install app. Unable to contact Device Scout {Hostname}. Check that the Device Scout is running and has internet access.This error occurs when the printer app fails to install on the printer because the Device Scout cannot be contacted.Open the server on which you have installed the Device Scout. Ensure that both the Pharos Print Scout Service and the Pharos Print Spooler Service are running. Also, make sure that the machine on which the Device Scout is installed has Internet access.
Not securable: The printer's supported release type is not enabled. Enable the supported release type to secure this printer.


This error suggests that the printer’s supported release type is not enabled. For example, the printer supports Mobile Release type only, but the Mobile Release type is not enabled in Secure Print.

Navigate to the Secure > Settings screen and then enable the release type supported by the printer.