Adding a Network Terminal Entry in Uniprint

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To create a corresponding Network Terminal entry for a Sentry client in Pharos Uniprint, follow these steps:

  1. In Pharos Administrator, navigate to the Release Stations context.
  2. In the Actions pane, click on the Insert Network terminal action.


  1. In the Insert Network Terminal dialog box, configure the following properties:
    1. Enter the Network Terminal’s name. The name must be in the format Sentry-IP address of the printer attached to Sentry (e.g. Sentry-
    2. In the Terminal Type, if installing the Sentry for the first time, select Generic 1.0.0. The terminal type will be automatically updated to Sentry 1.0.0 when the Sentry connects to the Uniprint Server.
    3. In the Station Functions, select Print Station.
    4. In the Related Printers, select the printer that the Network Terminal will release print jobs to.
    5. Click OK. The Network Terminal is inserted into Pharos Database.



Once the device is inserted, all other properties may be configured as necessary. Properties of note:

  • On the General tab, set the Bank property to specify the Pharos Bank that determines how the device will authenticate and charge users.
  • Select an Access Times schedule on the Access tab to specify when the device can be used.
  • Make sure that the Bank associated with the Release Station is configured as follows:
    • A Logon Plugin is attached.
    • The Allow Logon using card property is set to Yes.