Sentry Print Services: Overview

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Sentry Print Services is a cloud solution that allows people in your organization to securely release their print jobs at a conveniently located printer. In the Sentry Print system, people print as they normally do, but each print job is sent to a secure queue where it is held until the user is physically present at a device to authenticate and release (print) the document. This secure workflow ensures that the document owner is the only person who can print the document, and it prevents documents from being forgotten in printer trays where anyone can access them.


Benefits of Sentry Print Services

  • Security – A print job can only be released by the person who submitted it. People authenticate at a printer using their network credentials or proximity card, so they must be present to collect their documents. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing potentially sensitive information.
  • User convenience
    • Users can release print jobs at any secured printer in the organization's network, even if the printer is on a different floor or in a separate building.
    • Users can release print jobs from their iOS or Android devices (if this feature is enabled).
  • Cost savings and waste prevention
    • Print jobs will automatically expire if they are not released within a defined period of time.
    • As a cloud solution, there are no extra servers to install or manage.


Sentry Print Components

To deploy Sentry Print Services, you need to install the following components on your local area network.

  • Device Scout - This component is typically installed on a Windows server. The Device Scout discovers network-attached print devices, collects device data, secures devices, and authenticates users to Active Directory. It also controls the Secure Printer app running on the printer. After your network print devices are discovered, they are listed in the Secure > Secure Printers screen.
  • Print Scout - The Print Scout is installed on user workstations and optionally on a Windows server. It stores encrypted print jobs, optionally sends encrypted jobs to a cloud queue, collects print analytics information (e.g. username, department, application), and decrypts and sends print jobs to secure printers.

Provisioning Sentry Print Services

  1. Install Print Scouts on user workstations (simple click-through process).
  2. Secure your network printers (via one or more of the following print release options).
  3. Install the Sentry Print app on mobile devices (for the Mobile Release option).


Print Release Options

  • Mobile Release - Users can release documents from a secure printer by using the Sentry Print mobile app to scan a QR code on the printer. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Printer screen - Users release documents from a secure printer using a proximity card or on-screen using a password or PIN.
  • SR25 Hardware - Users release their documents using a proximity card attached to the Sentry SR25 (a small device attached to the back of the printer).


The release options that are available depend on the features for which you are licensed. For example, the SR25 Hardware option is only available if you are licensed for that feature.


End User Workflow

  1. Users print to the default print queue (installed by the Print Scout).
  2. Print jobs are held on the individual's workstation and in the cloud (if enabled).
  3. Employees walk up to their preferred or most convenient printer, authenticate, and then release their documents.


Print Job Storage

Print jobs are stored encrypted on individual workstations (on-premises) and in the cloud if enabled. Cloud storage ensures that the documents can be printed even if the workstation goes offline or into sleep mode. There's also an option to release jobs via the print servers instead of local workstations.


Setup Guide

The Setup Guide provides a quick and easy way to deploy Sentry Print Services by guiding you through the required steps. See Sentry Print Setup Guide.