Sentry Print Settings

Version 4

    The Secure > Settings screen contains a number of options for controlling how print jobs are released to secure printers.


    Note: Click the Advanced button on the right-hand corner of the screen to view more Sentry Print options.

    Print Type



    Mobile Release

    Users can release their documents from any Secure Print-enabled printer using their mobile devices and QR codes.

    Printer Screen

    This option allows users to release documents using the following options:

    • Proximity Card - Users can release their documents after authenticating with their proximity card.
    • User and Password - Users can release their documents by entering their username and password.

    Note: By default, both the Proximity Card and User and Password options are selected. Click Advanced for more options.


    Users have the option of creating a PIN for quick login - This option is available with the User and Password release type. When enabled, users can release documents using a 4-digit PIN instead of their password.

    SR25 Hardware

    Note: This option is available only if you have a SR25 Hardware license.


    Users release documents using a proximity card. Secure printing is enabled by a sentry device (called the SR25) attached to the back of the printer.


    Job Handling


    Field Description


    This setting determines where submitted print jobs are stored. Select from these options:

    • On- Premises only - Print jobs are stored in the user's local workstation only.  This is the default setting.
    • Cloud and On- Premises - Print jobs are stored both in the cloud and on user workstations. This option allows users to release print jobs when their local workstation is not available and it improves print release convenience for mobile users.
      • Force delivery via print servers. This option forces delivery of jobs to Print Servers instead of local workstations. For this feature to work, the following are required:
        1. Cloud storage and Print Servers.
        2. Print Scout should be installed on Print Servers.

    Note: The  Force delivery via print servers option only appears after selecting Advanced.

    Purge jobs after

    This controls how long a print job is stored before it is automatically deleted. Unreleased print jobs will automatically be deleted after 48 hours.