Secure Printers

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The Secure Printers screen displays the list of devices discovered by the Device Scout. It shows print device information such as status, device password, and so on. You can use this screen to quickly identify whether a device is secured and determine the secure release methods that a device supports (e.g. mobile, proximity card).


The Secure > Secure Printers screen has the following action buttons:

  • Secure Printers - Use this button to secure or unsecure devices.
  • Generate QR- Use this button to generate QR labels for a printer.
  • Printer Admin Credentials - If the printer does not use the default admin credentials, use this button to configure the printer admin credentials (username and password).
  • Deploy SR25 Hardware - This option appears only if you a license for SR25 hardware. Clicking this action shows the steps on how to deploy SR25 hardware.


Field Name

Field Description


Shows the status of the printer.

  • Unsecured – The printer is not part of the Secure Print system. Jobs sent to the  cannot be released from unsecured printers.
  • Secured – Print jobs submitted to the  will be held in the queue until they are released by the user. Secure Print app is successfully installed on the device.
  • Service Error – Indicates a service-related issue that requires the attention of service personnel.
  • Needs attention – The printer has an issue that needs attention.
  • Not securable –The printer’s supported release type is not enabled. For example, the printer supports Mobile Release type only, but the Mobile Release type is not enabled in the Secure > Settings screen.


The device model


The device manufacturer name.

Serial Number

A unique sequence of numbers and letters assigned to an individual piece of hardware or software for identification purposes.

IPv4 AddressThe IP address of the device.

Network Address

The host name of the device.


Indicates whether the device supports Mobile Release:

  • Green tick - Secured for Mobile Release.
  • Grey dash- Not secured.
  • Blank - Not supported by the device.


Indicates whether the device supports proximity card:

  • Green tick - Secured for proximity card.
  • Grey dash - Not secured.
  • Blank - Not supported by the device.

Indicates whether the device supports username/password authentication:

  • Green tick- Secured for username/ password authentication.
  • Grey dash - Not secured.
  • Blank - Not supported by the device.


Indicates whether the device support SR25 Hardware.

  • Green tick- Secured for  SR25 Hardware.
  • Grey dash - Not secured.
  • Blank - Not supported by the device.

Admin Credentials

  • Set - The credentials (username and password) for the device has been changed from the manufacturer default admin credentials.
  • Default - The device uses the manufacturer admin credentials.
  • Not supported - The device does not support username and password and/or proximity card release options.


Location where the device can be found.