Secure Printers with SR25 Hardware

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SR25  is a hardware solution that interfaces with any printer to provide Secure Print job release.


Follow these steps to deploy SR25 to secure your printers.

Step 1: Set up USB flash drive

A USB flash drive is required to configure SR25 devices. The same flash drive can be used to secure all devices on your site.

To create the USB configuration flash drive:

  1. Download the SR25 Hardware configuration package. The file is named You can download the package by navigating to Secure > Secure Printers tab and then select the Deploy SR25 Hardware button. The dialog box that opens includes a link to the SR25 Hardware configuration package.
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the root of the USB flash drive.

Note: USB flash drive should be formatted as FAT32 and have at least 10MB space available.



Step 2: Connect the SR25 hardware to Printer

  1. Unplug your network cable from the printer and plug it into the WAN port on the SR25 hardware.
  2. Plug the yellow cable into the PRINTER port on the SR25 Hardware and then plug the other end into the printer.
  3. Plug in prox card reader into one of the USB ports of the SR25 Hardware.

Step 3: Secure the Printer

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the other SR25 Hardware USB port.
  2. Attach the power cable to the SR25 Hardware unit and plug in to a power outlet.
  3. The LED lights on the SR25 Hardware unit will flash while setup is in progress. When complete, all the LED lights will be illuminated.
  4. The printer is now secured. It is safe to remove the USB flash drive from the SR25 Hardware unit.


Why can't I secure my printers?

The Secure button may be disabled for any of the following reasons:

  • One of the Scouts has not yet been installed. Both the Device Scout and the Print Scout must be installed for Secure Print to function.
  • The Scouts installed are not Secure-Print enabled. Navigate to the Discover screen (Device Scout or Print Scout). The Secure Print Enabled column shows whether the Scout is Secure Print enabled.