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Depending on your license, the Device Scout will:

  • Continually discover and collect information from your network print devices and sends that information back to Beacon. The Device Scout runs various tasks on defined schedules, which include discovering new devices on the network and collecting meter, supply, status and alert information (requires Fleet Manager/Print Analytics license).
  • Control the Sentry Print app running on the printer (requires a Sentry Print license).


To download the Device Scout installation package, click on the Download button in the Setup Guide. The downloaded  package includes the following files:

CustomerSecret.datContains the encrypted AES encryption keys.

AgentInstaller.msi - Installer for the Device Scout .

Mps.Client.Mfp.Install.msi - Installer for the Sentry Print app.

Setup.exeInstalls the Device Scout on the server and the Sentry Print app on the printer.
Setup.iniContains configuration files.
Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 installerIf not already present, .NET 4.6.1 will be automatically installed.
InitialScanRange.txtThis contains the list of IP addresses that you have added or excluded in the Setup Guide > Configure Printer IP Ranges. If you did not specify any IP addresses within the application, this file will be empty.


Note: If you leave the Setup Guide without downloading the Device Scout, the next time you start the Setup Guide, you will be prompted to enter the site encryption key before you can download the Device Scout. Paste the site encryption key that you saved earlier. We recommend copy and paste to ensure accuracy. If you have forgotten or lost your key, contact your vendor.


Why am I unable to download the Device Scout?

If you are unable to download the Device Scout (i.e. the Download button is grayed out), some of the possible reasons are outlined below:

  • You have not yet saved and confirmed the Site Encryption Key.  It is only after confirming that you have saved the Site Encryption Key that the Download button becomes enabled.
  • If there's a green checkmark and the Site encryption key text field is visible, that means that you've downloaded, but not yet installed the Device Scout. You can do one of two things
    • Install the Device Scout package you've already downloaded.
    • You can re-download the Device Scout provided you supply the site encryption key you've previously saved. (We recommend copy and paste to ensure accuracy). If you have forgotten or lost your site encryption key, contact your vendor.
  • The Device Scout has already been installed. A large green check mark next to the task indicates that the Device Scout has been installed.