Secure Printers for Printer Screen Release

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To enable users to authenticate and release documents, devices must be secured.

  1. In the Secure Printers for Printer Screen Release section of the Setup Guide, click the Secure button. This opens the Secure Printers dialog box.
  2. Review selected printers.
  3. Select the desired Available Release Types to secure.  Use the right arrow button to move them to the Enabled Release Types list.  To remove release types, select them from the Enabled Release Types and use the left arrow button to move them back to the Available Release Types list.
  4. Click the Secure button to complete the process.
  5. The Status of the selected printer(s) will be updated to “Secured” if one or more release types are enabled.
  6. Exit the dialog box.

Note: The release types available  in the Available Release Types column depends on:

  • The ability of the printer to support the release type.
  • The release type you select in the Select Secure option step. To select new release options, go back to Select Secure option.


Why can't I secure my printers?

The Secure button may be disabled for any of the following reasons:

  • One or both of the Scouts have not yet been installed. Both the Device Scout and the Print Scout must be  installed before you can secure printers.
  • The Scouts installed are not Secure Print capable. To check whether your Scouts are Secure Print enabled, in the Secure > Print Scout , ensure that the Secure Print Enabled column is set to "Yes".