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To protect your print data, documents are stored encrypted on the user's local computer or optionally in the cloud using an AES-256 algorithm. The system automatically generates a site encryption key for you to save in a safe location, such as in a password manager. The site encryption key (previously called the 'site password'), is a unique key that is used to protect your AES keys. It facilitates the sharing of  keys between Print Scouts and Device Scouts. It is also used to secure communications between Scouts and the cloud.


The system does not retain a copy of the site encryption key and it is important to keep it for future installations to ensure the protection of your data. You will need to save the site encryption key to download the Device Scout and the Print Scout.


There are three ways you can save the key for use later.

  • Copy to clipboard - Copy the site encryption key to any application (e.g. Notepad).
  • Email - Send your site encryption key to your email address.
  • Download - Download the site encryption key to a .txt file.

After saving the site encryption key, check I have saved the key for later use and then click the Confirm button.


Note:  After saving the site encryption key, you must click the Confirm button  before leaving the Setup Guide or a new key will be generated. If you leave the Setup Guide without confirming that you have saved this key, a new one will be generated the next time you start the Setup Guide.


Recovering the Site Encryption Key

If you've forgotten or lost your site encryption key, please contact Pharos Support.