Configure Printer IP Ranges

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You can specify a single IP address or an IP address range for inclusion or exclusion. This IP information is used for device discovery and to collect device usage and status information.

You can select the 'Use local network range' checkbox. The Device Scout will scan only the local subnet based upon the IP address and subnet mask of the server on which the Device Scout is running.


NOTE: If you provide only exclusions, no device discovery will occur.


Manual Entry of a Single IP Address

  1. In the first text field, enter a single IP address.
  2. Click Add Range to include the IP address, or click Exclude Range to exclude the IP Address.
  3. Click Save.


Manual Entry of an IP Address Range

  1. In the first text field, enter a starting IP Address.
  2. In the second text field, enter an ending IP Address.
  3. Click Add Range to add to include the IP Address Range.
  4. Click Exclude Range to exclude the IP Address Range.
  5. Click Save.

Importing IP Addresses/Ranges from a File

You can also import IP addresses from a simple text file. The file may contain IP addresses/ranges to include and/or exclude. Each IP address should be a single line item in the file. An IP address range should consist of a single line item with two IP addresses separated by a hyphen. To exclude an IP address/range, enclose the excluded item in parentheses.Below is a CSV file showing an included IP scan range, included IP Address, and excluded IP scan range (from top to bottom):


After a successful import, the IP addresses or ranges appear in the List of IP Ranges box.


IP Address / Range FormatIncludeExclude
Single IP Addressx.x.x.x(x.x.x.x)
IP Address Rangex.x.x.x – y.y.y.y(x.x.x.x – y.y.y.y)


To import IP addresses and/or ranges from a text file:

  1. Click the Import button.
  2. Locate and select the file you want to import. The IP ranges defined in the text file will appear in the List of IP Ranges box.
  3. Click Save.