Version 2
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    This folder includes three powershell scripts and one batch file to auto reset guest users' password and generate an email with an attachment including guest usernames and passwords.

    This works for organizations where guest print users are imported from AD.


    Since I work at a school, we have guests coming in all the time. Sometimes they need to use our guest workstations to make prints. If they try to make a bunch of prints, we ask them to get a print card which has username/password for guest printing.

    If you have the same situation, you can use the scripts to automate resetting guest user password and sending an email to whoever in charge of guest printing.



    **THE BATCH SCRIPT, GuestPassword.bat, RUNS ALL THE 3 PS SCRIPTS. This is included to have it run with task scheduler which does not allow one to run a powershell as admin. Therefore, I am using a batch file to run cmd as admin.