PIN self registration

Document created by Nikolay Karetnikov on Apr 20, 2017
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There is a feature in a famous competitive product that often comes up in tenders. Safeq detects the very first printing job of a user and sends him back a one-time PIN to register his badge on a device.


Blueprint has a card registration feature but that requires username\password pair to register a card which is not practical.


What are our options here?


I imagine an utility that monitors SRH datafolder and once a new directory is created looks up email of the corresponding networkID, generates a random numeric code, adds it into user's Identifiers, sends it to the user's Inbox. Once card registration process is done the only card's ID is kept in the ID list (probably could be done via authentication method).


Or, may be ), this is already a thing that will be included in the product on the next release?