Set Costs By Device Model

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With Cost Profiles, you can set Cost Per Page (CPP) values for all devices of the same model. When a device is discovered in your environment, the system automatically creates a Default cost profile for that device model based on the information in the GAP database. If you need to override these default CPP values for a particular model, you only need to do so once. Any subsequently discovered devices matching that model will automatically inherit your override cost. At least one instance of a model has to be discovered in your environment for it to appear in the default model list.


Here's how to assign your actual costs to a device model:

  1. Navigate to Discover > Cost Profiles.
  2. Select the Default cost profile and edit it.
  3. Locate the manufacturer and model combination you would like to override.
  4. Enter your actual CPP in the 'Model CPP Mono' and 'Model CPP Color' columns
  5. Save your changes.


You can remove any override costs by clearing the field, but keep in mind that an entry of 0 will be honored as an override value.

NOTE: After you apply a model cost override, there may be a short delay (a few seconds) before the system displays the new value. You may want to refresh your browser.