Beacon Update: August 2016 Release Notes

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We are pleased to announce the latest update of Pharos Beacon!


New features in this update


Access Groups

With access groups, you can control the print transaction data that various system users have access to. You can create views by department, location, or a combination of both. When combined with system user roles, the administrator can now control which data sets users can access and the actions that system users can take.


Set Costs by Device Model

In addition to the existing device-level cost override, you can now use Cost Profiles to set costs by device model. If you need to override the default costs per page for a particular model, you only need to do so once. Any subsequently discovered devices matching that model will automatically inherit your override costs.


Multiple Currencies

In addition to the US Dollar, the system now supports the Indian Rupee and Canadian Dollar. System Administrators can choose to display all account costs in these currencies and define the exchange rate between each currency. All cost overrides are entered in the current display currency.


Regional Costs

Administrators can apply a regional cost adjustment to set costs between regions that are outside of the currency exchange rates.


Known Issues

  • MS-4183: All date/time fields on the grids should only allow “Is Before” and “Is After” filter functions, in lieu of the normal filtering options.
  • MS-4722: IE11only: CSV export - stuck in "Generating" mode (when exporting large amounts of data).
  • MS-4782: Missing Scout installation instructions.
  • MS-4788: License update messaging based on "expires" instead of "renews."
  • MS-5086: Multi-device edit: Mixed values: Save is blocked (400 error).
  • MS-5103: Single Color Device Edit: Update mono or color CPP, switches currency; should be blocked.
  • MS-5088: Device Cost grid: CPPs not updated without page refresh (intermittent).
  • MS-5121: Chrome only: "Learn more" link wraps.
  • MS-5122: Print Explorer letters are shifted up in breadcrumb icons.
  • MS-5123: Print Analytics Explorer: The rightmost slider not working correctly (slider is shown when 150 or more items in display list).
  • MS-5125: Access Group dialog: Limit Access help link has no hover text.
  • MS-5132: Chrome: Grids background color inconsistent when re-ordering columns.