Currency Settings

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You can change the display currency, exchange rate, and regional costs for all financial information in your account. Once set, the system will convert costs between currency types and allow users to enter cost overrides in their local currency. 


The regional cost setting allows you to account for differences between regions that are independent of the exchange rate. This is typically used to adjust for differing regional buying power without effecting the exchange rate value.


To change your currency settings:

  • Select the currency type you would like to use for your account.
  • Set the exchange rates for the system to use when calculating costs between currencies.
  • Apply any cost adjustments necessary to capture differences between the US and your account region.


To set currency values:

  1. Navigate to Account Profile > Details
  2. Click the Currency button
  3. In the Regional Cost section of the Currency dialog box, enter the desired cost adjustment to accommodate differences between the US and your account region. (A value of 1.00 is set by default.)
  4. In the Currency Conversion section, select the desired Display Currency.
  5. In the Exchange Rates table, enter the rate to use when calculating cost values.
  6. Click Save to view all costs in your selected display currency.


Currency Settings and Device Cost

By default, device costs are estimated using a frequently updated industry standard database that is based on US currency and regional costs. You can override these costs by device or model. To accurately represent your organization’s print costs, these override costs are always entered in the display currency. For this reason, we recommend that you set your display cost to your account currency before entering override values. 


Currency settings are applied whenever the source cost for a device is in a currency that’s different from the display currency. For example, if a device in your fleet is using a US-based default cost and the display currency is set to Indian Rupee, the cost will be calculated using the account’s currency settings.


Override Costs


All cost overrides are entered in the display currency and will not be converted through the currency exchange rate settings. The override currency is recorded and displayed throughout the system so you can tell if currency settings have been applied or if the values represent your entered cost value.


In other words, the originally entered override currency is retained for accurate tracking. For example, if you override the cost of a device in USD and then change the display currency to INR, the system will show that the override value was entered in USD and that the display currency is INR. Changing the display setting back to USD will restore the originally entered override value that was entered in USD.