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You can assign system users to a department and location to limit their view in Print Analytics to the user data for which they are responsible. For example, if a system user is responsible for all printing costs in the Marketing department, you can create an access group to allow the department manager to view the print data associated with that department only.


This helps to focus one’s view to relevant data, and it prevents unauthorized and unnecessary access to print data outside the scope of one’s responsibility. NOTE: Print user data must be available to establish access groups. If employee information has not been imported, the system will remind you to perform this important step.


First you create an access group, and then you assign the access group to a system user.


To create an access group:


  1. In the system, navigate to Account Profile > Access.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a name and description for the access group.
  4. Select the department(s) that will be visible to the access group.
  5. If you need to restrict visibility to a physical location, select the Limit Access by Location checkbox.
    • When limiting by location, selecting a Department is not required.
    • You can add location limitations as needed.
  6. Click Save.


To assign an access group to a system user:


  1. Navigate to Account Profile > System Users.
  2. Click Create to create a new system user, or select an existing user and click Edit.
  3. Select the desired access group from the list.
  4. Click Save.


If Full Access to All Data is Required

Access groups limit the visibility of print data for specific system users. However, if full access to all print data is required for a particular system user, select Full Access from the Access Group list. (You cannot create a new access group that includes all departments and locations.)


How Access Groups Are Populated

The departments and locations available in the Access Group view are the same as those available in Print Analytics. By default, this data comes from LDAP/AD at the time a user submits a print job. See Print User Info for more information on this topic.


Managing Access Groups

Any child node of an assigned access group will automatically be included. However, you can remove individual child notes from a parent node. For example, if you want to give an access group visibility to New York print data but not the Syracuse offices, you can simply de-select Syracuse. You can edit an access group at any time; changes will be inherited by the system users assigned to it.


Fleet Manager Data is Not Limited by Access Groups

When system users are assigned to access groups, they can only view the Print Analytics data authorized by the group settings; the data in the Print Analytics Dashboard and Explorer will be limited and users will not see any data outside the scope of the assigned access group. However, Fleet Manager continues to display all available device-related data.