Blueprint Enterprise 5.2 Service Pack 2.1 Now Available

Version 7

    We are pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 2.1 for Blueprint Enterprise 5.2. This release provides the following new features and improvements:


    Quota Management

    Quotas make it easier for you to promote more mindful and efficient printing habits across your organization. You can set quotas on the number of pages per month that employees in a certain group can print. The system does not prevent printing when a quota is exceeded; the group simply receives an email intended to inform and educate.


    Print Scout and Security Updates

    Automatic updates of the Print Scout are disabled in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. This makes the Print Scout more efficient in these environments. Also, SSL certificates used for WCF encryption now support SHA256.


    Other features and improvements include:

    • Support for Microsoft® Windows 10
    • Policy Print rules can now be triggered based on the print server name. And, policies are now applied to a user's first print job. This change is significant for customers with VDI environments, where machines revert to their original states at the end of each user session. Now, policy rules apply upon Windows login; this ensures that policies are always enforced.
      • Serial numbers for locally attached printers are now captured in the database. This provides for better asset management; there’s only one serial number per device, so it prevents duplication when people have redundant drivers on their machines.
        • Updated set of device models


        The Service Pack 2.1 release package is available here: Blueprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes

        For more information on this release, go to:

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