Pharos Print Center 3.2 Release Notes

Version 6

    Pharos Print Center updates are cumulative. This Print Center update includes the previously released Print Center 3.0. For the list of features and changes included in Print Center 3.0, please refer to the Print Center 3.0 Release Notes in the Pharos Community.


    Summary of key features and changes in Print Center 3.2

    • Print Center includes two new remote administration features (Transactions and Alerts).
    • Device Access Restriction, which enables administrators to control which devices a given user can see, search for, and release jobs from in Print Center.
    • If the Device Level charging feature is configured in Pharos Administrator, job costs will dynamically change based on the selected printer.
    • The ‘Display Print Button’ setting in Pharos Administrator has been changed to affect only the Job List tab in Print Center. Disabling the property no longer affects users with elevated rights (e.g. Proctor, Administrator). The Print button will be available in the Queued Jobs and Printed Jobs menu in Print Center.
    • Support for the latest MobilePrint 2.2 version. For information on MobilePrint 2.2 please refer to the Pharos Community.


    Download Full Release Notes: