Pharos Discover 2016 Agenda Topics

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Topics are still being confirmed and are subject to change. The following list contains topics currently planned for general sessions, separate tracks, and the Technical Support Exploration Bar.


  • What’s happening at Pharos: Pharos product roadmap and innovations our product teams have been up to.
  • Print management roll-out communications: Best practices for engaging and educating end-users.
  • Industry benchmarks for devices, documents, and users. Learn what benchmarking companies do differently.
  • Server-less pull printing. Learn how Pharos is reducing infrastructure requirements.
  • Sustainability demands transparency which drives less print. Learn why it’s important to make print a regular component of sustainability reporting. What would your data show you?
  • Customizing Pharos technologies: Learn how one customer combined Uniprint and Beacon to create their own best solution.
  • Leveraging the Data Warehouse Inside Blueprint: Learn what to look for, what you can learn from it, and how to present it best.
  • Clustering Servers: Preparing your system for redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Top ten most common issues of the past year for Pharos Support, and the solutions found.
  • Learn about and interact with the latest addition to the embedded solutions family: Sentry.
  • Follow a step-by-step review of Pharos admin settings.
  • Security and the Print Food Chain: Dive into data security and its role throughout the entire ‘food chain’ of printing. Explore other future possibilities such as linguistic parsing.
  • How to apply Pharos patches with limited down time.
  • Hardening of systems: Locking your system down and ensuring stability.
  • Discover what customers are really doing with the data gathered by Beacon. See customer examples of actions taken based on data presented within Beacon Fleet Manager and Print Analytics.
  • Managing and organizing print groups/users for reporting and applying controls
  • Customizing the screens and dialog boxes that users interact with. Learn clever display tricks to make your system fabulous.
  • Mac: Installing Pharos on the latest versions and creating printer packages (print drivers/queues).
  • Innovation and change happening in the world of MPS. Pharos partners will discuss what changes they see happening with MPS, market trends, and what’s new at their company that isn’t yet on the consumer radar.
  • Uniprint custom options: Learn about different scenarios and how to customize Uniprint to do it.
  • Role models for behavior change: Learn how one customer is using Certified Green Courses to create a positive and visible way to reinforce good behavior with professors on campus.
  • Integrating with card systems: Learn best practices, linking into Pharos, and configuring banks.
  • Scripting solutions and customer examples.
  • Turning data into practical art: Learn how to integrate 3rd-party reports.
  • Tips and best practices for common troubleshooting challenges.